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Dubai Frame

Benefit: Single Entry
Regular Price: Adult USD 14.30; Child USD 5.72

Attraction Highlights

  • See the breathtaking view of the sunset from the top of the bridge.
  • Ride in panoramic elevators and enjoy the views of Dubai on both sides of the garage.
  • Experience the walk on the glittering walkway at Bridge Hanger.
  • Enjoy shapes on interactive screens.
  • Learn about Dubai's landmarks and tourist destinations.
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Single Entry

Address Zabeel Park
Phone +971 4 227 9910.
Email: [email protected]
Work Hours 10 am- 9pm

What to expect

Dubai Frame, an icon of architectural design aims to link the past to the present and looking forward to the future, the project aims to implement a n integrated framework, which highlights the features of Dubai uniquely, to be an important attraction for visitors and residents alike. It is constructed in a form of a frame, with a total area of ​​7.145 square meters, a height of 150 meters and a width of 93 meters. The space between the two ribs is a beautiful picture of the Emirate of Dubai, clear from high altitude. It conveys pictures and buildings of Sheikh Zayed Road, Modern, while the second side of the enclosure features the areas of Deira, Umm Hurair and dignity, which symbolizes ancient Dubai.

Things to look out for

The idea of ​​the project is to take the visitor on a journey through time, by moving through three areas: Old Dubai Starting from the mezzanine level, where the visitor enters an immersive experience that represents the history and past of the city, the "Old Dubai Exhibition", in terms of audio, visual and sensory effects, which will provide the special character of the vacuum to make the visitor feel like he has returned to the past. The old Dubai exhibition embodies the idea of ​​the project and tells the story of the development of the city and its past, and shows the old city using the latest means of presentation in a manner that contributes to creating a suitable environment for the comprehensive renaissance in Dubai. Dubai present The visitor is heading for the second experience at the top of the "Dubai Present" bridge, where the visitor can enjoy the views of Dubai from all sides, Old Dubai to the north and Modern Dubai in the south. This is done using the latest presentation and interactive applications, so visitors can interact with buildings, learn some interesting facts and facts about buildings, or observe buildings and landmarks in the third dimension. Modern technologies are also used to showcase the various aspects of Dubai's current development, in terms of architecture, economy and infrastructure. Dubai Future The visitor moves down, to the other side of the mezzanine level and to Dubai Future. Where the visitor passes through a tunnel that represents the passage through time using special lights and sound effects to Dubai Future exhibition, which presents a sophisticated vision of the city of Dubai 50 years from now, by establishing the city of the future through interactive projections and virtual reality technology.

Helpful Tips

Located in Dubai's Zabeel Park, the Dubai Gate is bordered by Sheikh Rashid Road to the north, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road to the northwest, and Sheikh Zayed Road to the south.
Address Zabeel Park
Phone +971 4 227 9910.