Take a break from sightseeing and relax while watching a movie at the world’s largest screen at IMAX Theatre Sydney. The IMAX Theatre Sydney in Darling Harbour uses the IMAX film system, the largest and most exciting film format in the world. Offering you crystal clear images, ten times larger than the traditional cinema format the IMAX film experience draws you in with pictures so real you feel you can touch them, powerful enough to feel them. The giant film frames offer far greater resolution than 35mm film and all other existing digital cinema projection systems, including IMAX Corporation's own digital multiplex cinema IMAX systems. The IMAX film experience gives to the viewer an image rich in clarity and definition, placed inside the world's biggest screen and surrounded by digital surround sound. The theatre screens films both in 2D and 3D for a truly magnificent movie going experience. Did you know that the IMAX story began back in 1967, when a small group of Canadian experimental filmmakers came together to produce a multi-screen film installation at EXPO ‘67 in Montreal? The installation was part of a competition to create the first truly large-screen film experience, which the filmmakers did by syncing nine projectors together. It was a huge technological challenge, that they performed with success and the rest is history. Today IMAX stands for the highest-resolution cameras in the world, projection lights so bright you can see them from the moon, a sound system so precise you can hear a pin drop from across the room and know exactly where it fell. Moreover, every IMAX theatre is customized with patented screen and seating design to ensure you’re always in the center of the action – no matter where you’re sitting. The IMAX experience grabs your senses. You don’t just hear and see an IMAX movie, you actually feel it in your bones. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a FREE Movie (before 6pm, Mon-Fri) at the IMAX Theatre Sydney - only one of the attractions included in the Sydney Unlimited Attractions Pass Purchase yours today and get to see the most of Sydney!