The Sydney Tower Eye alternatively known to Sydneysiders as Sydney Tower, Centrepoint Tower, AMP Tower, Westfield Centrepoint Tower or Sydney Skytower, is an integral part of the famous Sydney skyline during the last 30 years. The construction of Sydney Tower Centrepoint shopping centre began in the late 1970's while the final stage of the complex, the Sydney Tower, was opened to the public in August 1981. It is now ranked as one of the safest buildings in the world, as the tower is capable of withstanding earthquakes and extreme wind conditions. At a height of 250 meters, the Sydney Tower Eye offers stunning, panoramic 360 degree views of Sydney and its famous landmarks. As you stroll around you can enjoy the sights from every point of the compass : At the west you will find the Blue Mountains, with the sprawling Western Suburbs in the foreground. At the north you can marvel at the Harbour's shoreline while the south gives a view to the bustling Sydney Airport all the way through to historic Botany Bay. The east view will take your breath away with Sydney's famous party precincts and beachside playgrounds leading to an unique view of the Pacific Ocean through the famous harbour heads. The Sydney Tower Eye features state-of-the-art multilingual touchscreens which provide an interactive introduction to some of Sydney's famous landmarks. High-powered binoculars with both day and night viewing available, offer you a closer look making your visit there a unique chance to experience the beauty of one of the world's most picturesque cities. Included in admission is the new 4D Experience, a groundbreaking 3D film with spectacular in-theatre effects and a breathtaking fourth dimension that gives an amazing view of the city. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a Single Entry at The Sydney Tower Eye – only one of the attractions included in the Sydney Unlimited Attractions Pass Purchase yours today and get to see the most of Sydney!