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What’s On in Madrid This Spring

Los Reyes Magos
 City Centre
Jan 6
Even if Christmas Day has passed, the children of Spain have not yet finished receiving gifts. Los Reyes Magos, or The Three Kings, is a day where The Three Kings travel through the streets in an incredible parade, giving gifts and sweets to children. Thousands of families will queue up to watch this annual parade and admire elaborate floats.
Feb 9 - 14
The week before Lent sees the Madrid version of the traditional Mardi Gras Carnival, featuring parades, extravagant costume parties and flamboyant masks. The highlight is a tradition called 'The Burial of the Sardine', in which participants, dressed in black cloaks and hats, proceed through the streets with a coffin containing an effigy of a dead sardine.
Motor Market
 Motor Market, Madrid
Second weekend
Enjoy a market that features fashion, décor, music and gastronomy. A former railway station hosts this market every second weekend of every month. This colourful flea market offers an assortment of products such as second-hand clothes, creatively designed or retro furniture, vinyl records and refurbished bikes.