To visit Rome is like starting a long-lasting love affair. It leaves you a bit heady, a little buzzed and truly transformed. I know Paris is meant to be the city of love but whoever wrote that hadn’t been to Rome yet.

There is so much to do in Rome it’s hard to know where to start and depending on whether this is your first time or fourth time there’s a list of must-sees you need to check off your list.

Rome offers a unique perspective on the world. From the Forum to historic Palazzo dei Conservatori - and everything in between - the historic city is a picture-perfect showcase of architecture and artwork from centuries past. The most iconic structures within the walls of the city remain today, including the Pantheon, which has seen many changes throughout its history and remains an imposing landmark, as well as the present-day St Peter's Basilica. While Rome is famous for its architecture and history, it's also a great place to discover new things - like hiking, biking, running or just hanging out on one of the many terraces overlooking the city.

As you’re walking through the streets make sure you look up at each building. Not only do they have a different style, if you’re lucky and you see a door slightly opened, peek inside quickly and what you will find in most instances is filled with beautiful details that make it feel like you have been transported into a different era.

If you want to blend in a little with the Romans make sure to pack some stylish clothes, the locals dress impeccably and despite the cobblestone ground the ladies do not dress for comfort so leave your fanny pack and sensible shoes at home.

For some authentic Italian food move a little further out than the centre of Rome and make sure to order a Cacio e Pepe which is a local Roman dish which is one of the simplest pastas but so complex in its simplicity, truly delicious. And of course, you must order a coffee at the bar (standing up) which is cheaper than sitting down and more like the Italians drink theirs.

There’s so much to do and see in Rome you need at least five days there to experience all the main attractions, mingle with the locals and do some shopping.

Buon viaggio!