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Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions with answers to make things easier for you!

General Questions

What is an iVenture Card Pass?

Here comes an opportunity to discover the best of a city — and save money with your all-in-one pass for your next adventure. Get fast access to the biggest range of Passes worldwide, all powered by iVenture Card. A convenient and flexible way to immerse yourself in the local sights and sounds, without the stress of figuring out where to start off, how much it will cost or what you’re going to do when you get there. Don’t pay full price for any attraction or sightseeing city experience again. Our Passes are digital which make them easy to use. Just show your Pass when you arrive at the gate of your attraction. Due to COVID-19 some attractions require pre-booking or ticket collection, this is clearly marked on attraction pages. 

What are the benefits of an iVenture Card Pass?

A Pass from iVenture Card offers convenience, flexibility, ease of use and some serious savings. No need to stand in line to purchase tickets, lots of different pass types to suit your travelling style and contactless entry with our digital iPass. Use the Smartvisit App to store your Pass and to organise your itinerary.

Does the iVenture Card package come with a guide?

Download the Smartvisit App on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, download your Pass, wishlist your favourites and follow the maps. Simple!

Is there an iVenture Card Package for children?

Yes, there is a large range of exciting attractions, which kids will love. The Athens Attractions Pass is available for children aged between 3 and 11.  No package is necessary for children under 3 years old. Children who are 12 or older will need an Adult package.

Do you have a family iVenture Card package?

No, currently we don’t offer a family package. Each member of your family will require their own card. However, the savings are still substantial.

How long are Athens iVenture Card packages valid for?

Packages purchased online and selected for collection must be collected within 24 months of the date of purchased.

What happens if attraction prices change?

Attraction ticket prices change for time to time, however once you have purchased your iVenture Card, your attraction entry or benefit will be valid for the duration of the package you purchased. Attraction price changes won’t affect them

Attractions and Other Venues

Do I need to show ID at the attraction or venue?

Only if specified on the attraction listing. In most cases, your iVenture Card is all you need to gain access to the attraction.

Do the iVenture Card packages include all attractions in a city or region?

iVenture Card packages offer entry to a large range of the best attractions and venues available in a city or region. The range for each location varies by package and our range is growing all the time. Up to date information about the attractions in each package can be viewed in the included attraction tab on the website.

Are the attractions or venues open at all times?

Many of our attractions or venues change their operating hours each day and throughout the course of the year. We recommend contacting them directly to confirm their opening times or visiting their websites to confirm details.


Do I have to pre-book for any tours?

Some attractions require a pre-booking and we have noted where pre-bookings are required on the relevant travel destination attraction pages on the website and Smartvisit App. We advise you to book 48 hours in advance where necessary.

Ticket Collection for some tours and attractions

Some attractions may require you to collect a ticket for entry. Please consult the Smartvisit App carefully for Collection Information before arriving at your chosen attraction.

Are there any special conditions for the attractions or other venues?

Sometimes special conditions will apply. These may include height restrictions, opening restrictions or holiday supplements to be paid to the operator. Where special conditions apply, they have been noted with the operator listings on the Smartvisit App and iVenture Card website. View each attraction listing for the most up-to-date information.


Can I buy an iVenture Card package as a gift?

Yes. An iVenture Card is an excellent gift idea for friends and relatives. Gift-giving couldn't be easier! Just pick the destination and package type you would like to give and the recipient can choose what they want to do and when. A thoughtful gift to help create memories. Cards are activated at the first time of use.

Can I purchase an iVenture Card package prior to arrival?

Yes, we recommend you purchase your iVenture Card Pass online before arrival so it is ready to use upon your arrival. Make sure to download the Smartvisit App available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store before you leave so you avoid any internet charges overseas.

Can I return to the same attraction using my iVenture Card?

No. The iVenture Card is designed to show you around the city and see as much as you can, different attractions and experiences. iVenture Card benefits can only be redeemed once per person.