Tower of London  The sight-packed city of London has something for everyone making it one of the world’s most visited cities. So you don’t get lost in this high-density city, we have put together a list of some must-see and do experiences to help you discover what London is all about.
  1. 1. You can't visit London without a trip to Kensington Palace. Explore the private rooms of Queen Mary II, see where Queen Victoria was born and discover what was home to Princess Diana.
  2. 2. Take a trip to Madame Tussauds and have your royal portrait taken alongside The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or next to Queen Elizabeth II. And if royals aren’t your thing find your movie double, your sports hero or pose beside a world leader for a 'selfie'.
  3. 3. Explore the incredible St Pauls Cathedral and take in its impressive façade, world famous dome and awe-inspiring interior.
  4. 4. Visit the world famous and incredibly well preserved Tower of London fortress, and view the stunning Crown Jewels, Royal Armouries and ceremonial clothing.
  5. 5. Jumping on the Hop-On Hop-Off open top bus tour is the ultimate way to explore the city and visit famous landmarks at your leisure. With 91 stops across London and live audio, it’s one of the most convenient and fun ways to learn about the city.