Sydney HarbourPort Jackson, home to Sydney Harbour, is an inlet of the South Pacific Ocean. Often cited as one of the world's most beautiful harbours, it is known for its beauty, and in particular, for the iconic landmarks of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney Harbour was the location of the first European settlement and the harbour continues to play an important role in the life of the city. Sydney lies on the southern shore, while the Northern Suburbs lie on the northern shore. The Harbour hosts a whole array of recreational events, highlights of which are the New Year's Celebrations and the commencement of the mythical Sydney to Hobart yacht race. There is no better way to discover the beauty and diversity of Sydney Harbour than on water. Ships cruise through the straits and inlets of the harbour providing unforgettable views that can only be seen from the water: the majesty of the Opera house and the beauty of the harbor bridge, the city skyscrapers and verdant residential bays... an experience not to be missed when in Sydney. To read more about Sydney Harbour cruises and the other unforgettable Sydney experiences that iVentureCard offers visit