Jenolan Caves, a spectacular natural wonder, is located in protected wilderness, on the western edge of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.  It is Australia’s most awe-inspiring cave system and is amongst the world’s finest.  With its dazzling crystal formations and pure underground rivers this place is a celebration of nature’s glory. With your iVenture  Card you can enjoy your tour, among 3 show cave tours.
  • The Imperial Cave is the easiest cave tour.  It follows an ancient river passage that gives a wonderful, memorable experience for people of all ages, including children.  As the path is mostly level, with short sets of stairs, it is the best cave for less mobile or elderly visitors.
  • The Chifley Cave is the average tour in terms of difficulty. The Chifley cave is full of variety and surprises, featuring large chambers, many richly decorated.
  • The Loucas Cave is the one with the highest degree of difficulty but is also the most visited cave.  This spectacular cave includes the most photographed limestone formation at Jenolan, 'The Broken Column' and displays a wide range of huge cave formations.
If you have time to visit only one cave, and the difficulty level is not an issue, then the Lucas is one of the most amazing caves, offering variety, the highest and widest caverns plus a glimpse of the pure underground river.  If you have more time, then you can experience a whole range of award-winning underground experiences at Jenolan Caves. Some interesting facts on Jenolan Caves history: The caves were ‘discovered’ by white settlers in 1838.  In 1866, Jenolan Caves and surrounding area were proclaimed a Government Reserve - one of the world’s oldest.  In 2000, The Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve became a World Heritage site, part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.  In 2006, scientists confirmed that Jenolan is the world’s oldest cave system – 340 million years! Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a Lucas, Chifley or Imperial Cave Tour at Jenolan Caves - only one of the attractions included in the Sydney Unlimited Attractions Pass Purchase yours today and get to see the most of Sydney!