We love a hack so we've combined the best travel hacks and tips to save you time and money and help you have a more enjoyable trip. <img class="size-large wp-image-2140" src="https://www.iventurecard.com/wordpress/sydney/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/09/blog-small-1-1024x495.jpg" alt="Travel Hacks" width="1024" height="495" /> Top 20 Travel Hacks from iVenture Card <ol> <li><strong>Save money - </strong>Budget while you’re at home so you don’t have to budget on holiday, just think to yourself: ”Would I rather have this [beer] here or in Hawaii?”</li> <li><strong>Get a Credit Card - </strong>If you need a credit card get one that offers air miles and/or travel insurance as part of the service, if you travel often the savings soon add up.</li> <li><strong>Sign up for airline alerts  </strong>- Hear about flight deals first and book quickly before they sell out, most airlines give you 24 hours to cancel free of charge so book first ask for leave later!</li> <li><strong>Book a stopover </strong>- Look out for free stopovers and add another country to your trip for free, Iceland Air is famous for boosting tourism through this tactic.</li> <li><strong>Go Incognito </strong>- When browsing air fares, use your computer’s incognito mode - many companies will recognise you’ve visited before and display higher prices.</li> <li><strong>Forget costly hotels </strong>- If you’re on a budget stick to hostels and if you want creature comforts book via AirBNB, you can still save with AirBNB as you’ll have a kitchen to save you on eating out.</li> <li><strong>Copy your documents </strong>- Before you leave email yourself copies of your passport, insurance information, flight itineraries, hotel bookings and visas. You can access your email from anywhere and if you lose your bag or phone you’ll be able to retrieve copies from anywhere.</li> <li><strong>Take a back-up card </strong>- Advise your bank you are travelling to avoid your card being frozen, plus take a back up bank or credit card and keep it separate just in case it gets stolen, lost or frozen.</li> <li><strong>Be ready to roll</strong> - Keep a travel toiletry case stocked and ready to go, use refillable bottles and just top up each time you return, it’ll save you money and time and ensure you don’t forget your essentials.</li> <li><strong>Roll your clothes </strong>-  It not only saves space but your clothes are less creased and it’s easier to find and remove something without having to completely empty and repack everything!</li> <li><strong>Get an attraction pass </strong>- Figure out what you want to see and do in advance and get an <a href="https://www.iventurecard.com">iVenture Card</a> to suit your plan and save you up to 50%.</li> <li><strong>Book your seat </strong>- Check in early and book your seat, you can do it quickly online and ensure you get your preference. We all know there’s nothing worse than the middle seat!</li> <li><strong>Take you own water bottle </strong>- It’s important to stay hydrated on a flight so top up each time the stewards come around so you never go thirsty.</li> <li><strong>Be fragile </strong>- Label your bag with a fragile notice, it will be more likely to be packed last and off first so you can get out of the airport quicker ready to enjoy your trip.</li> <li><strong>Layer for the flight </strong>- You might be flying to Barbados but the flight can feel more like the Arctic Wear layers so you can add or remove and you’ll be comfortable on the flight as well as at your destination.</li> <li><strong>Avoid obscene roaming charges </strong>- Don't use your existing phone plan, pick up a local SIM from the airport or convenience store.</li> <li><strong>Shop local</strong> - Stock up on water and snacks from local stores, it will be a lot cheaper than a hotel and you can wake up to a nice cold bottle each day.</li> <li><strong>Eat local </strong>- You didn’t travel halfway across the world to eat MacDonalds! Local food will usually be higher quality and a fraction of the price.</li> <li><strong>Speak the language </strong>-  You don’t need to be fluent but have a go at the basics. Manners go a long way so at the very least learn “Hello”, “Please” and “Thank you”.</li> <li><strong>Be respectful </strong>- You are a visitor, act and dress accordingly with the nation you are visiting. Do a bit of research on where you are going beforehand to make sure you have appropriate clothing and be respectful of customs and rituals.</li> </ol>