A visit to this historic police and court building will take you back into the dark side of Sydney’s past.  Here you can explore the building’s atmospheric interior with heavy blocks of sandstone, spiked gates and the corridor of cells. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere, in the 1890s police Charge Room, where you can stand before the Duty Sergeant’s desk and imagine yourself being fingerprinted. You will also have the chance to admire up close the collection of criminal weapons and a mug-shot gallery of offenders that stare defiantly back at you from the walls.   The Justice & Police Museum, with its vast negative archive documenting police investigation, important records and over 9000 objects; examines the social history of law, policing and crime in New South Wales. In the courtroom, designed by colonial architect James Barnet in 1886, you can experience the pomp and the power of the law. You will have the chance to stand within the spiked metal dock where offenders faced the wrath of the magistrate. If you want to feel both sides of a courtroom, you can sit behind the magistrate’s bench and think about passing judgment on others. Your visit to the Justice & Police Museuem will give you the chance to examine the robes and wigs, sentence yourself to a visit to the Crime & Punishment Room, and inspect various artefacts of corporal and capital punishment, such as a leather lash, a hangman’s noose, an isolation mask, a mouth gag, and various manacles, cuffs and physical restraints. In the Justice & Police Museum you will explore the fascinating history of policing in New South Wales, when you come face to face with the weaponry, equipment and historical uniforms used by police. You will hace the chance to learn about the interaction between police and Australia's indigenous population or experience life on the other side of the law and step into the authentic 1890s holding cell and hope the other prisoners don’t take a dislike to you.   Don’t miss your chance to enjoy Single Entry at the Justice & Police Museum - only one of the attractions included in the Sydney Unlimited Attractions Pass Purchase yours today and get to see the most of Sydney! - See more at: http://seesydneypass.iventurecard.com/blog/#sthash.6UVkYVLT.dpuf