iVenture Card is a great gift idea! It provides choice, flexibility and big savings! It allows you to travel with ease while enjoying a variety of attractions and things to do. With the choice of unlimited or flexi passes, iVenture Card provides the chance to explore as much or as little as you’d like. It provides access to museums, cultural experiences, dining, adventures, theme parks, day tours, sightseeing, marine & wildlife and entertainment. It’s an amazing gift! So, who would you buy an iVenture Card for? 1. Students –
    • Students love anything that is budget friendly! iVenture Card is a great way for them to explore the city they are studying in while enjoying great savings. Whether they are local, living in a new city or on exchange, iVenture Card will be of great benefit to them and a way for them to get to know and love their host city.
2. Backpackers –
    • Backpackers and budget travelers will really enjoy the great savings that iVenture Card provides. In addition, this attractions pass is one of the best ways to explore a new city. Travelers don’t have to do extensive research on the best things to see and do. They are provided with a guide for planning on the go. They can take advantage of Hop-On-Hop-Off City Tours which are a great way to explore the city. Most of the stops are near some of the other top attractions! iVenture Cards are a great gift for that family member who is currently travelling and won’t be home for the celebrations. All you need to do is order the card and they just have to pick it up at one of the convenient collection points.
3. Frequent Flyers-
    • Do you know someone who travels a lot for business? Maybe you know a flight attendant. Perhaps they have long layovers or overnights in new cities. iVenture Card is a great gift for them because it provides them with access to attractions and things to do at their fingertips. They can easily explore a new city with iVenture Card in their valuable spare time without breaking the bank.
4. Locals –
    • iVenture Card is also great for exploring locally. It is not just reserved for people who are going travelling to another city across the world. For an example, you can purchase an iVenture Card Sydney Attractions Pass for a loved one who also lives in Sydney. iVenture Card is a great way to be a tourist in your own backyard! There are many opportunities to learn new things about the city and visit places that haven’t yet been taken advantage of because “you’ll get to it someday.” Your loved one will also have the opportunity to discover somewhere new because iVenture Card also offers access to some really amazing lesser known places.
5. Groups-
    • Do you know a family who is travelling soon? Is there a family reunion coming up? iVenture cards would make great gifts as it makes group trip planning easier! As iVenture Card packages are flexible, the group’s schedule can change last minute and the group can even split up and do different activities so that everyone is happy! In addition, the group will enjoy big savings on attractions and things to do.
6. The ‘Go with the Flow’ Person –
    • We all know someone who would prefer to be spontaneous and just go with the flow. An iVenture Card Flexi Attractions Pass would be great for them as they can pick a set number of attractions and depending on the destination’s expiration, they can visit the attractions when they feel like it instead of relying on a strict schedule.
7. The ‘See All Do All’ Person –
    • When exploring a new destination, some people like to see and do as much as they physically can. An iVenture Card Unlimited Attractions Pass would be perfect for them! The pass allows you to see and do as much as you want within a set number of consecutive days. It is similar to an ‘all you can eat’ buffet. The more you see the more you save! As a colour guide with a map is provided with your card, you don’t have to do extensive research to learn about the popular things to do and see in the city. You can plan on the go and therefore, iVenture Card saves time as well.
8. The Blogger –
    • Do you know someone who writes reviews of cities, restaurants or travel tips? iVenture Card is a great way to explore the best a city has to offer! This attractions pass is a crash course of everything that is worthwhile visiting and learning about a city. From dining options, to history to off the path attractions, iVenture Card is bound to give them material for their next piece without spending lots of money on the research.
      • There you have it. iVenture Card packages make a great gift for…. basically