The Acropolis in Athens has always been the main attraction for tourists visiting the city! And no wonder, the Acropolis is one of the most important and largest archaeological sites in Greece, and importantly a UNESCO world heritage site. So, if you want to visit this popular site, you will have to buy a ticket and keep in mind that there are restricted hours of operation depending on the time of year. Therefore, make sure you get your tickets in advance. I’ve written a blog post about how to do just that.

Firstly, some history. The Acropolis is a complex of ancient buildings in the heart of Athens. The citadel was first constructed 500 years before Christianity for defensive purposes. It soon developed into a political, religious and cultural centre and home to numerous magnificent structures, including the Propylaea (the monumental entrance gateway), the Parthenon (dedicated to the patron goddess of Athens) and the Erechtheion, the temple to Athena Polias (Athena the Guardian).

I’ve visited the Acropolis a few times, each time discovering something new so make sure to give yourself a couple of hours to take it all in, including the great view of Athens from the top. Be sure to wear either sneakers or shoes with some grip, leave those newly bought leather sandals at the hotel, you’ll be walking on marble. Bring a water bottle with you, there’s no cute café at the top, this is a serious heritage site and do not forget to bring some protection from the sun, a cap or hat but leave the umbrella, no-one appreciates that.

Now what many forget to do is visit the very modern Acropolis Museum, don’t be that person. Only a five-minute walk from the Acropolis, this museum has over 300 exhibitions within a span of 25,000 square metres. Beautifully crafted and holding some of the most remarkable pieces of history, do not miss this. If you’ve purchased the Athens Pass from iVenture Card you get ‘priority entry’ here and at the Acropolis so no queuing for tickets, straight in like a boss. Give yourself 4-5 hours to really immerse yourself if you’re visiting both which I highly recommend.

Acropolis Museum

Now a great way to get there is to jump on the Athens Get On Get Off Bus which is a yellow double-decker bus (hard to miss). When you get to the Acropolis bus stop you can pick up your priority entry ticket for the Acropolis there. Make sure to purchase your Athens Pass online at and when you know what day you want to visit book your place the day before. Make sure to make the most of the bus as it stops at the most popular attractions in Athens, just jump on and off as you need throughout the day. Valid for three days you’ll save some serious taxi fare and there’s also audio commentary in 12 languages, free earphones and free Wi-Fi on each bus. Here’s a map of the different routes and attractions it visits.

As the Greeks would say ‘Opa’. It’s time to celebrate the joys of travelling. As you walk along the streets of Athens remember it’s not only a fun city but also where all ancient Greek culture took place, everything from literature and philosophy to science, architecture, and sculpture. Impressive, hey?!

Note that entry to Acropolis is not available on 1 May, Greek Easter, 25 & 26 Dec, 1 Jan and 25 March.