2020 has been a year like no other for travel. Certainly in my lifetime I've never experienced a time where I've been asked to stay at home, been restricted on seeing family and friends and as an ex-pat and travel fanatic not knowing when I can next travel internationally is really hard. All I can say at the moment is I am so thankful for the internet! Being able to video call those I can't get to, seeing what is going on around the world and getting a virtual travel hit has been a godsend.
As destinations around the world start to ease restrictions, we are seeing some of our iVenture partner attractions and tours reopen again which is great new but still international travel is not possible for many of us.
What we are seeing is people starting to support local tourism and making the most of their home cities. This is really important both for our economies and for our own mental health - making sure where possible we get out and about within our community. So if your travel plans have been cancelled, check out what attractions are reopening near you or if you cannot go out try a virtual tour or webcams from around the world. Here's some of the best we have found so far to keep you entertained and keep the travel bug alive and well!

Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Who better to start our world tour than Sir David Attenborough. This interactive virtual tour allows you to go on a journey along Australia's Great Barrier Reef with stunning underwater video and his beautiful narration along the way.
Explore Attenborough's Reef

Melbourne SEA LIFE Aquarium
We continue on the aquatic theme with these fun and informative sneak peeks into Melbourne iconic aquarium, Check out their videos and talks featuring penguins, crocodile and much more. SEA LIFE Aquariun Stream

dubai story
From ocean to desert, Dubai Tourism created a Story Takes Flight, a film about the unforgettable experiences that await you in Dubai. Featuring blockbuster stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Zoe Saldana. Dubai - A Story Takes Flight

Yosemite National Park
Most visitors are drawn to the Yosemite Valley by the stunning scenery, imposing cliffs and spectacular waterfalls, and now you can also enjoy them virtually. Virtual Yosemite

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
Explore the iconic building and official residence of The Queen. Buckingham Palace has been at the center of many moments of national celebration, from Jubilees and weddings to VE Day and the annual Trooping the Colour, which marks The Queen’s official birthday. The Buckingham Palace virtual tour

Explore Athens' Acropolis with this interactive tour of the major sites and learn some history along the way.
Acropolis Virtual Tour