We're excited to announce a new tour to our iVenture Card - this week we launched Oz Whale Watching from Sydney Princess Cruises! We headed out on iVenture's maiden voyage with these guys on Monday and were lucky enough to be greeted with both dolphins and whales! The 4 hour cruise departs from the East Pontoon at Sydney's Circular Quay and we were lucky to have the sun shining. Wanting to make the most of every minute we got seats outside so we could admire Sydney's Harbour views as we headed out towards Collaroy where whales had been spotted earlier in the day. Our lunch was served soon after leaving Circular Quay so everyone was fed ready to enjoy the whales if and when we found them. The resident whale junkie Biggles was on the mic pointing out sights along the cruise as well as educating us about whales migration and history in our Sydney waters. Once we had enjoyed our lunch of BBQ chicken, sausage, pasta and salad we returned to the lower deck outside. While some may be concerned about the wind and spray, if you want to see dolphins this is the best place to be, just be prepared to get a little wet! Soon enough we had company with dolphins joyfully jumping in our wake at the front and side of the vessel! I've always loved dolphins so this was an unexpected bonus on our trip. The boat started to slow and Biggles asked us to scan the horizon for "smoke" as the whales breathe out on the surface. Spotted! Ok we were on, we'd found our whales! We got a little closer to where they had dived and now were waiting with anticipation unsure where they would pop back up. And POP up they did, out of nowhere a huge leap followed by an almighty splash! They were happy to put on a show it seemed. For the next 90 minutes we enjoyed the mother and juvenile calf fin slapping, breaching and enjoying the waters around out boat. It's a truly amazing experience for all with kids and adults alike admiring these majestic animals in their natural habitat. Many people, myself included, were trying to capture our own memories on smartphones and SLRs but if you want to enjoy the moment without all the technology you can just check out the Oz Whale Watching facebook page the next day for Biggles photos from your experience. The whale watching season in Sydney runs only May to November so we recommend booking in before this season is over as its been a great year so far for whales. Book Whale Watching Now