1. 1. The Ark. This is a replica of Noah’s famous ark but it is built to scale. Check out the animal sculptures and live animals that show you all the pairs of animals aboard this great ship! The Great Flood 180-degree Theater and Ark models bring to life the ancient story..
  2. 2. Solar Telescope. Through one of the largest professional vacuum solar telescopes in South East Asia you can witness the sun’s surface activity in real time. There are also exhibits and 3D astronomy documentaries that will let you step into space, and discover the secrets of the solar system.
  3. 3. Nature gardens. Stroll around the Ma Wan Park Nature Garden and experience it’s extensive greenery and natural landscapes for a relaxing atmosphere. Highlights are the Rainbow Wall, Sweet Garden, Windmill Station, Golden Mean Plaza, Liberal Learning Centre, Hilltop Lookout and Heritage Centre.
  4. This place is interactive, informative and fun. You should take at least half a day to explore the whole park and it’s surrounding areas.
The usual price for this is HK$155/Adult and HK$125/Child. Check out all the details, as well as the benefits you can get, here. Then you can start planning your trip today! Tickets to this are included in the iVenture Hong Kong & Macau Flexi Attractions Pass– just one of the many experiences on offer to you. See more and save with an iVenture Card.