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iVenture Card Passes

What is an iVenture Card pass?

An iVenture Card pass includes a range of attractions, experiences, and things to do all on one single digital pass. Your choice of experiences varies depending on which pass you choose. Each pass provides you with the flexibility to create your own experience.

How do I use my iVenture Card?

Using your iVenture Card is easy! Choose the pass that suits you best. Simply purchase online and you will be able to download your pass using our handy Smartvisit app. Pick and choose what you would like to see and do based on your pass and either go directly to the attraction and show them your pass or in some instances where pre-bookings are required at attractions reserve your spot using our app. 

What are the benefits of an iVenture Card pass?

As a prepaid pass, you don't need to worry about carrying extra cash or using your credit card at multiple venues. You'll discover hidden gems alongside popular Melbourne attractions and experiences and save up to 50% on entry compared to the usual gate prices combined. Getting around is easy with our Smartvisit app which holds your digital passes and tickets, all your pass information, attraction details, access to getting to attractions with built-in Google maps, and direct access to Customer Service.

Does the iVenture Card pass come with a guide?

The Smartvisit app is your travel companion and comes with the ability to favourite the attractions and experiences you want to visit, making it easy to navigate your way around the city, from place to place.

Is there an iVenture Card pass for children

Yes, there is a large range of exciting attractions, which kids will love. Our range of attractions packages is available for children aged between 4 and 15.  No pass is necessary for children under 4 years old. Children who are 16 or older will need an Adult pass.

Do you have a family iVenture Card pass?

No, currently we don’t offer a family pass. Each member of your family will require their own pass. However, the savings are still substantial.

How long is the iVenture Card pass valid for?

We aim to provide passes, which provide you with the most flexibility, and all of our passes offer either 3-month or 12-month validity periods. Each pass has different validity periods and you should carefully review this at the time of purchase.

Do I have to use my iVenture Card on consecutive days?

This only applies to our Unlimited Attraction Pass. All Unlimited Attraction Pass packages are based on the number of days duration you purchased. For example, the Melbourne Unlimited Attractions Pass pass is valid for consecutive days only.  It can be purchased as a 3-day or 7-day pass.

If your travel plans do not suit consecutive days of use, then you may be interested in our Melbourne Flexi Attractions Pass or our Australia Multi-City Attractions pass. With these passes, you have the flexibility to visit either 3, 5 or 7 attractions over a 3-month period. Both pass types offer a range of top attractions and experiences to choose from.

What time does the Unlimited Attractions Pass pass run out?

Your Unlimited Attractions Pass pass is valid for calendar days, not for 24-hour periods. It will run out on the final day of the duration you purchased. If you purchase a two-day card and start to use it on a Wednesday, it will be valid for Wednesday and Thursday. If you don’t use the pass, it will expire 12 months from purchase.

What cities are included in the Australia Multi-City Pass?

The Australia Multi-City Pass provides you admission to Australia's famous attractions, tours, cruises, and things to do in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Albany. It can be used in one city or across multiple cities. It’s ideal for travellers who are exploring various cities in Australia with its flexible validity of 3 months.

What happens if attraction prices change?

Attraction ticket prices change from time to time, however, once you have purchased your iVenture Card, your attraction entry or benefit will be valid for the duration of the pass you purchased. Attraction price changes won’t affect it.

Attractions and Other Venues

Do I need to show ID needed at the attraction or venue?

No. Your iVenture Card is all you need to gain access to the attraction or venue. You will be asked to sign the back of your card before you start to use it. Once you reach your chosen attractions or venues, simply present your card at the admissions point.

Do the iVenture Card packages include all attractions in a city or region?

iVenture Card passes offer entry to a large range of the best attractions and experiences available in a city or region. Up-to-date information about the attractions in each pass can be viewed in the included Attractions tab located on each pass page.

Are the attractions or venues open at all times?

Many of our attractions or venues change their operating hours each day and throughout the course of the year. We recommend contacting them directly to confirm their opening times or visiting their websites to confirm details.


Do I have to pre-book for any tours?

Due to limited availability on some tours and experiences, you may be required to pre-book your spot, this will be clearly marked on each attraction page with details on how to reserve your place if needed. 

Are there any special conditions for the attractions or other venues?

Sometimes special conditions will apply. These may include height restrictions, opening restrictions, or holiday supplements to be paid to the operator. Where special conditions apply, they have been noted with the operator listings on the iVenture Card website and Smartvisit app.


Can I buy an iVenture Card pass as a gift?

Yes, iVenture Card passes are excellent gifts for kids, friends, and relatives. They provide great savings and the flexibility to plan your own itinerary. Whether your gift is for someone who loves culture and the arts, getting out in the great outdoors, an off-the-charts adrenaline rush, or a bit of everything, you’ve got it covered!  They simply choose what they want to do, when they want to do it, and if they want, they can even do it all! Your recipient will receive an email gift confirmation of your iVenture Card booking along with details of how to retrieve their pass. Cards are activated at the first time of use.

Can I purchase an iVenture Card pass prior to arrival?

Yes and we recommend it. iVenture Card passes can be purchased online easily. Your pass will be emailed and is downloadable. 

Can I return to the same attraction twice using my iVenture Card?

No. iVenture Card benefits can only be redeemed once per person.