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Battleship IOWA Museum

Benefit: Single Entry
Regular Price: Adult USD 19.95; Child USD 11.95

Attraction Highlights

  • See and hear fascinating stories behind the ship
  • Use a state of the art award-winning interactive tour app
  • View FDR’s personal stateroom
  • Feel the legacy of the battleship alive
  • There’s always something new, and exciting!
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Single Entry

Address 250 S Harbor Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90731
Phone (877) 446-9261
Email: [email protected]
Work Hours Monday - Sunday 10am-4pm

What to expect

Visit a top regional attraction with the use of the state of the art award winning interactive tour app, that you will have to download, to enjoy your self-guided tour. You have extensive access to everything except access to below the decks. You’ll be able to access the battle bridge where the fleet admiral stood in WW II, and FDR's personal stateroom. The museum holds rich information of past sailors who served. Learn about their experiences and look at past snapshots as well; which brings the ship to life.

Things to look out for

The Battleship IOWA is the only battleship that is open to the public. Through preservation and interpretation, the battleship celebrates its dedication, “Celebrating the American Spirit.” They celebrate accomplishments from not only the past patriots but also the present and future; this is not a traditional museum, but this direction makes the experience real.

Helpful Tips

Parking is at 1st Street & Harbor Boulevard. The first hour is free, each hour is $2 with a maximum of $18 per day. For public transit, take the Silver Line to the Battleship USS Iowa Museum, or use the Metro Trip Planner. Strollers parking is available on-board Battleship IOWA Museum, but aren’t permitted on most of the tour route. There are several stairs and obstacles on the tour. If children are not in a carrier and cannot climb the stairs safely on their own, then the child and a guardian must remain on the main deck of the ship.
Address 250 S Harbor Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90731
Phone (877) 446-9261
Work Hours Monday - Sunday 10am-4pm