We all deserve a great holiday but the cost often holds many people back. Travelling doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. There are plenty of ways to avoid over spending and have an amazing getaway!

    1. Find the cheapest transportation – Sometimes travel agencies are very helpful, especially for complicated flight routes. However, you can save money and be your very own travel agent in many cases. All it takes is a little research. Many airlines have happy hours where for a few hours, many flights are on sale. Do some research find out what days and times are the cheapest to fly. Weekends are more convenient but you will also pay more. Travelling during peak seasons and holidays will also increase your fares. Sign up to airline newsletters and websites that scan flights. is a great third party that finds the cheapest flights and they sometimes run promotions where you can get further discounts. It’s not always practical, but sometimes waiting until last minute to book your flight can also save you money.

    2. Travel in low season – There are many advantages to travelling in off season. It is easier to book a hotel. Locations and attractions are less crowded. You can spend more time relaxing. Your wallet will also thank you. Prices on accommodation, travel and even entertainment decrease during the off season. It’s a win all around.

    3. Bring your own food to the airport – Once you are in the airport, you are stuck there until you leave the airport at your destination. The airport knows this and takes advantage. You’ll notice that the cost of food and drinks is more expensive in the terminals. The airports realise that there is nowhere else to go and that if you are hungry and thirsty enough, you will pay that price. Why not pack your own food and eat it before you go through security? Pack your own snacks for the plane. Carry a filtered or refillable water bottle in your carry on so that it is empty before security but you can re-fill it after for the plane ride.

    4. Pack strategically – No one likes to hear that their bag is overweight at the check in counter and no one likes the price tag that comes with it. It’s a good idea to weigh your suitcase once you’ve finished packing in order to avoid surprises at the airport. To keep the weight down, you can also wear more of your clothes. Planes are usually very cold so you can get away with layering up. Pack your carry-on with some clothes and a few essentials just in case your bag gets lost for a day or two. It will save you money on having to go out and buy those items that you need to get by.

    5. Booking alternative accommodation – Like flights, you can also find hotels at discounted rates on sites like Expedia and Hostels are also great options. You might think that they are for just young backpackers but many will market themselves to adults as well. A family could stay in a dorm room of a hostel for half the cost of the hotel and they could save money by cooking meals in the hostel’s kitchens. Homestays, private rooms and even houses/ apartments to yourself are made possible by Airbnb. You can have an entire house to yourself with a kitchen for half the cost of a full price hotel.

    6. Eat like a local – There is nothing better than immersing yourself in a new culture and city. Part of that is enjoying the local cuisine. Sure, there are plenty of fancy high-rated restaurants to eat at, but if you want the full experience, ask where the locals eat. In many places, you will find yourself at markets or at street stalls. For a few dollars or less you can enjoy food that will probably be finer with a more enjoyable experience than that expensive chain restaurant.

    7. Don’t exchange foreign currency at the airport – Like food and drink, the airport seems to charge you more expensive fees for getting your currency converted both at counters and ATMs. Research currency conversions before you go and head to your local currency converter. If you feel better travelling with less cash, then obtain enough to get a taxi from the airport and any other situations that you think will arise before you can make it to an ATM. Many currency converters also have happy hours and discounted promotions so keep your eye out for them. You can also check with your bank if they offer travel master or visa cards and you can pre-load currency on you card before you depart. You can use it like a credit card, without the foreign transaction fees.

    8. Shop around for travel insurance – Travel insurance is great to have. You just never know when it might come in handy. However, like everything else, you need to shop around for the best price. Most importantly, you need to read the product disclosure. You may think that you are getting a great deal but you might also not be covered for everything you thought you were. The fine print can provide so many exceptions. Did you know that many travel insurance companies don’t provide any assistance for natural disasters? It’s worth the time to research, define what you’d like coverage for and see which company aligns with your needs.

    9. Understand Rental Car Excess – Rental car agencies can quickly double the price of your rental by convincing you to add on their insurance. Again, it is important to research their excess ahead of time. If you have travel insurance, check what the excess is for rental cars. Often, it is much better than what the rental car can offer. If you don’t have travel insurance but want to rent a car, it is often cheaper to purchase the travel insurance. Sometimes, it’s also worth checking with your credit card company as they can offer better excess options if you book the car with their card. If you purchase the rental car excess, make sure you understand which options will be more useful to a potential situation. Sometimes, you will purchase the excess and it won’t help your situation at all.

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