The best way to get up close and personal with the living history and heritage of Sydney is to get on foot with the company of the friendly and enthusiastic guides at The Rocks Walking Tours - known for introducing travellers and locals alike to the fascinating story of this unique place in Sydney’s history. The Rocks is Sydney’s oldest neighbourhood that hasn’t lost its zest for life.  Here you will learn how The Rocks was inhabited by that First Fleet of convicts arriving into Sydney Cove in 1788 and the impact they have since then on the local Indigenous people’s way of life. The story unfolds with many rich accounts of the antics of sailors, larrikins and rogues as they roamed the rugged rocks seeking the haunts of entertainment and friendly company.  You will also see the storehouses, pubs and working class cottages of this dockside area. Today, The Rocks is known to the oldest streets in Sydney which are dotted with beautifully restored nineteenth century buildings. The small groups will have the chance to go through hidden narrow alleyways, charming cobbled lanes and into shady courtyards, linger by quaint terrace cottages and visit a gothic church - enjoyable aspects of a visit to The Rocks that could be easily overlooked by the casual unguided visitor. The exclusive tour service within The Rocks conducts Daily Tours and aims to provide a memorable walking tour experience for all visitors to Sydney. Don’t miss your chance to a FREE Guided Walking Tour  with The Rocks Walking Tour - only one of the attractions included in the Sydney Unlimited Attractions Pass Purchase yours today and get to see the most of Sydney!