Darling Harbour’s Chinese Garden of Friendship is a place to escape, to breathe deeply and feel the sun on your face; your own personal secret garden! This walled Chinese Garden is not just another city garden; it respectfully recreates the philosophy and harmony of a traditional Chinese garden with waterfalls, lakes, exotic plants, pavilions and hidden pathways. The Chinese Garden of Friendship was built to symbolise the friendship between Sydney and Guangzhou in China, marking Australia’s bicentenary in 1988. The garden was designed and built by Chinese landscape architects and gardeners and follows the Taoist principles of 'Yin-Yang' and the five opposite elements: earth, fire, water, metal and wood. These principles also stress the importance of Qi, the central force of life and energy.  When the five elements are combined perfectly, they form a fluid and nurturing environment. Everything you will encounter in this garden has been hand-picked and specifically placed to capture the five elements and the energy of Qi. Here, you will nof find any planted flowerbeds or manicured lawns, like in most western gardnes. Instead, wild aspects of nature are recreated in landscapes that feature waterfalls, mountains, lakes and forests. Darling Harbour’s Chinese Garden of Friendship is a small-scale version of a typical private garden from the era of the Shang dynasty which and will take you in a trip back in time, 3,000 years ago! Don’t miss your chance to enjoy Single Entry at the Chinese Garden of Friendship - only one of the attractions included in the Sydney Unlimited Attractions Pass Purchase yours today and get to see the most of Sydney!